Track and Field sports winners

On May 28 the elementary students spent the day at Gus Wetter for the annual Track Meet with Gus Wetter and Brownfield students.

Students enjoyed the sunny weather and the athletic events that let them strive to meet the standards of their grade.

The students were super happy to come away from the day with numerous ribbons for second and third in their events, and lots of trophies for placing first in their events.

Trophy winners included: Finlay Hanton (Gr. 2 boys) standing broad jump, dash, and high jump; Rylee Charbonneau (Gr. 3 girls) dash and target throw; Daphne Fuller (Gr. 4 girls) standing broad jump; Iliann Munoz Bribiesca (Gr. 4 girls) running broad jump and target throw; Kelton Doolaege (Gr. 5 boys) standing broad jump, running broad jump, and high jump; Kaleb Bozak (Gr. 5 boys) in ball throw; Jillian Heidecker (Gr. 6 girls) for standing broad jump and ball throw; Addison Charbonneau (Gr. 6 girls) high jump; Lachlan Hanton (Gr. 6 boys) for ball throw and target throw; and Kolby Renschler (Gr. 6 boys) for standing broad jump, running broad jump, dash, and high jump.

The same day, May 28, the junior high track team travelled to Wainwright for their East Central Divisional Track Meet. Fourteen athletes travelled up to compete in their chosen events.

Parker Slemp won first place in the triple and long jump. On top of winning two first place finishes, the team also had one member break a division record in long jump winning the event and have their name written in the history books.

There were many other successful pursuits and the team came away with five third place finishes including Grade 8 girls relay, Nola Fuller in discus, Ray Musgrove in the 1500 meter and Sydney Renschler in shot put.

The athlete also brought home five second place finishes including Ray Musgrove in the 800 meter, Parker Slemp in the 100 meter, and Landon Slemp in shot put.

The team will travel to Stettler on June 11 for the CARA Track Meet to end their season.


by K. Smawley

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