Town to sponsor junior golf

During a regular meeting on May 8, council motioned to become a sponsor of the Hanna Junior Golf Program.
Tyler Price, who came before council as part of the Hanna Junior Golf Program sponsorship drive, asked council to sponsor the program at a cost of $500. The funds go towards golf aides, prizes and the program wind-up.
The Hanna Junior Golf Program is an annual six-week program for young golfers running from May to June. This year there will be over 40 golfers attending.
The $500 sponsorship will be funded through Council Public Relations and Promotions. This is the first opportunity council has had to sponsor this event. Administration also informed Price that there may be grants available for next year’s program.

Taxation bylaw
In a recorded vote, council passed the 2018 Tax Rate bylaw increasing municipal taxes by two per cent.
“I really don’t believe that the taxes should increase,” said Coun. Sandra Beaudoin.
Based on a $200,000 assessed value, residential properties will see a $50.52 increase in yearly taxes.
A commercial or industrial property with an assessed value of $200,000 will have a yearly increase of $70.68.
Although council set a two per cent increase in municipal taxes, it only reflects a 1.6 increase in revenue due to changes in assessment.
The Educational Property tax requisition has increased, while the Acadia Foundation requisition has decreased.
The town of Hanna saw a $3,591,360 decrease in total assessment, although the decrease in taxable assessment is only $1,375,000.
“To keep the same levels of service, this is required,” shared Hanna’s Chief Administrative Officer, Kim Neill, “We do not want to rely on drawing from the surplus.”

2018 Budget adjustments
Council approved the adjustments to the budget as presented by the administration. The adjusted budget currently reflects a surplus of $16,351.
Changes in the budget reflect an increase in Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding, an increase in insurance costs, a reduction in recreation revenue, equipment repair increase, and a change in the funding model for the fire training tower.
The previously approved budget, passed in January 2018, was balanced by drawing $23,369 from surplus.

Emily Wheller
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