Town of Stettler to purchase new tandem truck

Written by Stu Salkeld

The Town of Stettler decided to purchase a new tandem truck after examining offers from several dealerships during their regular meeting Mar. 3.

Councillors decided to investigate purchasing a New West Freightliner M2 112 with a midland box after looking at the results of a request for proposal presented by CAO Greg Switenky and Director of Operational Services Melissa Robbins.

New West Freightliner offered two models, a Freightliner M2 112 with Renn box for $166,690.81 and a Freightliner M2 112 with Midland box for $169,460.73.

Western Star Trucks offered one model, a Western Star 4700SB with Midland box for $200,000.

Great West Kenworth also offered one model, a Kenworth T880 with Bibeau box, for $209,700.

Glover International Trucks offered two models, but staff noted neither truck met the town’s specifications. Both of the Glover International trucks were just over $180,000.

Robbins said the trucks offered are very similar in details and have similar warranties and trade-in values.

“Various options on extended warranty were offered by all companies with relatively similar terms,” stated the agenda memo.

“Trade in of the existing 2005 Freightliner was an optional item in the RFP. Western Star and Glover offered trade in values of $10,000 and $15,000. New West and Great West did not offer a trade in.”

It was noted the town’s old truck has about 9,500 hours on it. Coun. Scott Pfeiffer questioned the need for a three-year extended warranty.

Pfeiffer said to his knowledge extended warranties are rarely used, and it looked like the dealerships were asking $8,000 for it.

Mayor Sean Nolls said he used to work with trucks like this, and such warranties are excellent protection from unknowns, stress and downtime.

Robbins noted for work trucks like this, with emission controls, extended warranties are worthwhile. She noted the town has used them before.

Switenky also noted larger tandem trucks don’t do a lot of highway driving, but rather spend most of their lives starting and stopping within the town, which is considered hard work.

The extended warranty would help protect the town.

Councillors unanimously agreed to award the tandem RFP to New West Freightliner Inc. for the purchase of a 2020 Freightliner M2 112 with midland box in the amount of $169,460.73, excluding GST and purchase the additional 3-year warranty for $7,850.00 funded through the 2020 Capital Budget.

New tandem

The Town of Stettler council decided to adjust a truck purchase on the advice of staff at the regular meeting of council Mar. 3.

The subject of the regular replacement of a three-quarter-ton truck was brought to council by CAO Greg Switenky and Director of Operational Services Melissa Robbins. They noted, however, that as one truck replacement approached, an unexpected one reared its head.

“Approved 2020 capital budget is $50,000 to purchase a One Ton Truck,” stated the council agenda memo.

“After completion of the capital budget, one of the existing 3⁄4 ton trucks engine started knocking.

“Administration re-evaluated the fleet replacement plan and decided to move a 3⁄4 ton truck purchase up from 2021 and delay the one-ton truck purchase until next year to keep the fleet operational.”

Robbins said three local dealerships were approached and asked to submit details for a 3/4 ton 4×4 extended cab truck with eight-foot box. She also noted that, as a municipality, the Town of Stettler gets very good price quotes from dealerships.

According to the agenda memo, Aspen Ford responded with a price of $38,977.92 for a truck that met the town’s specifications.

Stettler GM and Stettler Dodge prices were $38,781.25 and $44,122 respectively but Robbins noted these did not meet specifications as one was a supercab and the other a crew cab.

Councillors unanimously approved awarding the 3/4 ton truck tender to Aspen Ford and fund it through the 2020 capital budget.


Stu Salkeld

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