Town of Stettler approves wireless communication network

Melissa Robbins, Director of Operational Services, presented council with a request to improve the town’s wireless communication network at the regular council meeting on Sept.5
According to Robbins, the project will ensure that the town has a viable and secure network for all infrastructure systems and the capacity to expand in the future.
Currently the town’s infrastructure communication components, including the water treatment plant and both water reservoirs, is wired through the Shirley McLellan Water Services Commission and the Highway 12/21 Water Services Commission.
Though the system works very well, when system failures happen on the commission’s side, the town loses the ability to see its own infrastructure.
The town also does not have the authority to make repairs or changes to the system.
Robbins states, “The Town’s communication needs are also larger than just water. We have the new lagoon aeration building that has call out alarms and the need to adjust settings offsite.
Currently the Town’s communication system for this infrastructure is traditional dial out alarms with no ability to adjust settings remotely.”
An overall communication system review has been completed in coordination with Shane’s Instrument Services Ltd.
The system, including all equipment and installation, would cost $120,500 excluding tax.
Stettler Council approved the expenditure for the project, utilizing Shane’s Instrument Services Ltd. to complete the work.
According to administration, Shane’s Instruments is extremely knowledgeable with the town’s infrastructure communication needs and has been working with the town for over 15 years.

Stettler Airport GPS

Council voted unanimously to go ahead with the installation of a GPS approach system to enhance accessibility at the Stettler airport during inclement weather.
Estimated cost of the system, including obtaining pricing/proposals to complete a GPS survey for approaches and departures at the airport is $40,000.
This project was originally included in the town’s 2017 Capital Budget, with the funding to be provided by the Community Airport Program Grant.
Unfortunately, the project did not meet eligibility requirements.
Recently, County of Stettler council committed to cooperate with the town and Airport Board on the installation of the GPS system.
Town of Stettler council approved the $40,000 expenditure to complete the project with $20,000 of funding to be provided by the County of Stettler.

Council Code of Conduct

Council discussed the necessity of passing a Council Code of Conduct bylaw for the town.
Though not yet finalized, the Municipal Government Amendment Act has added the code of conduct bylaw as a requirement for all municipalities.
Either councils will have this bylaw or they will be given one.
After reviewing the verbiage for potential bylaws, CAO Greg Switenky presented council with a document drafted from an amalgamation of regulations from numerous jurisdictions following all current municipal government rules and regulations.
According to Switenky, “This is the right time and environment to pass a code of conduct bylaw.”
Though Coun. Al Campbell suggested that it was a ‘sad state of affairs’ that there needed to be written rules for councillors to behave in an ethical and businesslike manner, he acknowledged that such a bylaw made sense.
Coun. Sean Nolls noted that most of what was described in the draft document was how the present council already behaves, but suggested that such a document would be good for new councils as a reference point.
Council all agreed that the draft document made sense and directed administration to bring forward a formal bylaw to the next regular council meeting.

Linda Stillinger,
ECA Review Reporter

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