Town of Stettler approves tenders for three brand new pick-up trucks

Written by Stu Salkeld

Stettler town council decided to move ahead with offers on three brand new pick-up trucks and other equipment. The decisions were made at the March 21 regular meeting of council.

Councillors read tender results for new pick-up trucks which were presented by Director of Operational Services Melissa Robbins, who noted her department was prepared for higher prices but pleasantly surprised by those that came in.

Although the Town of Stettler needed four new trucks, Robbins stated tenders were only sent out for three vehicles.

“Three tenders were prepared and sent to the three local dealerships,” stated Robbins in her agenda memo. “Two for half-ton trucks and one for a one-ton truck.

“As pricing and supply have been unpredictable, administration only tendered three of the four purchases to ensure we didn’t tender more than the budget would allow for.

After closing the tenders, it is expected the fourth truck can be tendered and purchased within budget.

“Administration will proceed with the fourth truck tender and present to council at a future meeting.”

She stated that the 2023 budget set aside $120,000 for two half-ton trucks, while $120,000 for two trucks from last year’s budget that was unspent was also included in this project.

The town inquired about a one-ton regular cab 4×4 and received two offers: Stettler Dodge offered a truck for $60,758 while Aspen Ford offered a vehicle for $65,393.

The town also looked into buying a half-ton crew cab 4×4 and received the following offers: Stettler Dodge offered a truck for $53,283, Aspen Ford offered one for $60,171 and Gary Moe Chevrolet offered one for $62,873.25.

Lastly, the town looked into buying a half-ton extended cab 4×4 and received these offers: Gary Moe Chevrolet ($58,875.25) and Aspen Ford ($60,231).

Robbins stated that all three dealers are local Stettler businesses and all of the vehicles offered to the town met specifications, so price was the prime deciding factor. She did add, however, a $15,000 deck was needed for the one-ton truck.

Mayor Sean Nolls stated he was happy to see all three local dealers were involved in the process.

Councillors unanimously approved a resolution to purchase the following vehicles: a half-ton crew cab 4×4 truck from Stettler Dodge for $53,283 excluding tax, a half-ton extended cab 4×4 from Gary Moe Chevrolet at $58,875.25 plus tax, and the one-ton 4×4 from Stettler Dodge for $60,738, excluding tax.

Hitting the skids
Robbins also presented the results of a tender for a brand-new skid steer, which saw considerable interest. Eight businesses responded to the tender she noted.

Robbins reminded councillors that the town set aside $55,000 to purchase a new skid steer in the 2023 capital budget, plus revenue the town gets from trading in the old unit.

The following seven offers were received in response to the skid steer tender, with Robbins pointing out that the offer from Stettler Equipment Sales and Rental did not meet the specifications of the tender: Rocky Mountain Equipment (CASE) offered a vehicle for $84,700 with a trade-in value of $50,000 for the old unit, Stettler Agri Centre (New Holland) offered a vehicle for $91,460 plus $55,000 for trade-in, Brandt Tractor (John Deere) offered a vehicle for $91,790 plus $50,000 for the trade-in, Vanee Farm Centre (New Holland) offered a skid steer for $96,220 plus $50,000 for the trade-in, Future Ag (CASE) offered a vehicle for $98,660 plus $50,000 for the trade-in, Finning (CAT) offered a vehicle for $104,335.20 plus $47,500 for the trade and Tingley’s Harvest Centre (JCB) offered a skid steer for $110,391 plus $45,000 for the trade.

Robbins stated staff evaluated all of the vehicles except the JCB which was over budget and the non-spec offer. They ranked John Deere the highest.

However, Robbins’ recommendation was to purchase the CASE unit from Rocky Mountain Equipment, which is what councillors unanimously agreed to do.

Stu Salkeld
Local Journalism Initiative reporter
ECA Review

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