Town of Hardisty prepares to rezone land

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Hardisty Town Council approved by-law 1192/13 at its July 9 council meeting, which will change the zoning of land south of 43rd Street excluding only a couple lots, from commercial to industrial use.
“This is a step towards encouraging more development and industry in Hardisty,” said CAO Kevin Miller.
This is good news for many businesses in Hardisty, including Horizon North, who sent a delegation to discuss their camp facilities, one of which they plan to develop in Hardisty in the near future.
The public was also concerned over local industries abuse of traffic by-laws on 47th Street. Council encourages heavy trucks and industry traffic to use 881 to access Highway 13 rather than 47th Street. They discussed the possibility of constructing of new road leading to Highway 13, which would be better suited for heavy industry traffic.
In addition, council is merging the multiple traffic by-laws and amendments into one by-law to simplify enforcement.
“Enforcement is very difficult in a small town such as Hardisty,” said Miller. “We have the by-law that gives the ability, but not the enforcement.”
Council said this is an important action towards better by-law enforcement in the town.

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