Town of Coronation tax penalties deferred to end of August

Written by Terri Huxley

After looking further into tax incentive possibilities, Coronation council came to the decision to defer any outstanding tax penalties to Aug. 31, 2021.

Council asked administration at their last meeting to dig deeper into any more possible options but were unable to provide any, already sharing seven possible options.

The town will defer Jan. 1 penalties to Aug. 31, 2021 with the condition that full application of penalties will be waived if the payment is received in full by Dec. 31 otherwise all tax and other penalties will apply to the outstanding amount.

Residents are encouraged to enter into a tax payment agreement which adds an extra layer of protection against penalties with assurance.

Two people have done so already according to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint.

“Whatever we can do to try and help right now. Like we say we are not in the business to take property so whatever way we can help people with their properties,” said Dep. Mayor Mark Stannard.

Memorial plaque

Jim Dafoe has asked council to pay and install a memorial plaque at the Coronation Dam in honour of Wendy Dafoe.

Council agreed to do this, getting a quote from Watson’s Engravings and Signage for $519.75.

The plaque will be installed on a rock where she once frequented. This spot overlooks the dam and is quite a peaceful location.

Jim has requested this spot since it was one of her favourite places to relax at the dam.

PEPS annual request

Paintearth Economic Partnership Society (PEPS) has requested their annual amount for operating costs including conducting various projects and promoting economic development in the area.

They asked for $26,450.00, the same amount as 2020.

The organization has recently gone through an extensive review of its projects and has passed their 2021 operating budget for their current projects.

Council passed a motion to pay this amount after a short discussion on what projects they have on the go for this year.

Two councillors currently sit on the board and shared their main priorities have been business enhancement and development, getting broadband to the area and conducting a survey on recent high school graduates to see what it would take for them to return home after post secondary.

A second request from PEPs was also received, this time for $20,000 to pursue the broadband further.

The funding support would be used to conduct a business model in obtaining fibre optics within the region and within the community.

The initiative is to build on internet access to allow individuals to work from home and enable students to work remotely on schoolwork and projects.

The infrastructure would also be a selling point for the municipality, attract higher tech companies, and be more attractive for remote access jobs.

Councillors were apprehensive of giving the funding as they felt PEPS had enough money put away in reserves (approximately $500,000) that they could use to pursue this project.

Council declined the request, choosing to stick with using this $20,000 in grant money towards updating their website.

Depot Alberta application

The Community Champions Program (CCP) is an infrastructure grant program that is specially designed for not-for-profit organizations and municipalities in Alberta.

The program provides funding for specialized recycling bins (indoor and outdoor) that make out-of-home opportunities for recycling more convenient for and accessible to the public.

Program start-up support is also provided to help Alberta’s community organizations educate the public about the benefits of recycling.

This not only keeps beverage containers out of landfills but also provides important financial and social benefits to participating communities.

Each year, grants are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis until all the funds have been distributed or until Nov. 30, whichever occurs first.

More than one application can be submitted during the year, but an organization’s combined applications cannot exceed a total value of $20,000.

Council passed a motion to allow administration to apply for this grant which could allow the community to get new garbage and recycling bins.


Terri Huxley

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