Town of Coronation approves use of arena at no cost on long weekend

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Coronation town council agreed to give a letter of support for a liquor license and provide the arena at no cost but proof of event insurance must be provided  for an initiative by the Home Town Festivities Guild in August. This decision was made during their regular council meeting, Jan. 22, 2024.

“The Hometown Festivities Guild is advancing with their plans for a floor hockey, 4 on 4, tournament on the August long weekend,” reported CAO Quinton Flint in his briefing to council.

The Guild requested access to the arena as the main venue for the tournament and for the town to provide the arena space free of charge for the first year, to minimize expenses, while continuing to secure funding and other sponsorships.

Coun. Cody Hillmer moved that the Town of Coronation make the arena available for the tournament and other festivities, pending proof of insurance for a liquor license. The motion carried.

Campground attendant
Council discussed at length hiring plans for a campground attendant for the summer camping season at the Coronation campground.

Council heard lots of good things about the attendant last year but also lots of complaints about the attendant not being available, or he couldn’t be found.

The attendant was not living at the campground therefore the reason for not always being available.

Coun. Hillmer moved that we amend the contract to say the caretaker does not have to stay on site but needs to be readily available within 10 to 15 minutes.  This motion was defeated.

Coun. Ron Checkel moved the town to tender the contract for a campground attendant. The contract attendant must have a temporary residence at the campground during the period of the contract. The motion passed.

During discussion, it was noted that revenue last year was about $85,000 but with the attendant, water line repairs, propane, power and wifi expenses, it wasn’t a money maker.
“In reality, we’re not making a whole lot,” stated Coun. Mark Standard.

Doctor for Coronation
CAO Quinton Flint reported that Dr. Mark will be in Coronation early in May 2024 with hopes of beginning his practice in Coronation in June.

Watershed appeal
Susanna Bruneau, stewardship coordinator for the Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA), presented a lengthy report to council appealing to council to have someone attend workshops and engagement sessions to align BRWA’s management plan and recommendations with Municipal Development Plans (MDPs).

“Also drought management, we want to help municipalities to see where they’re at with drought planning or drought response and how we can help,” stated Bruneau, “so we can be more resilient especially in multi-year droughts.

“We aim to do this with these workshops.”

The watershed alliance is an extensive management program for a healthy watershed geared toward the health of people, animals, air, water, and the land.

It includes many educational programs for school children to explore wetland habitats and high school students the opportunity to write proposals for managing the watershed.

Bruneau asked if council could send someone to a Building Resiliency to Multi-year Drought Regional Workshop and a Community Engagement Summit.

Coun. Checkel indicated he may be able to attend.

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