Town of Castor sets fines for break and enters

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There was a recent break-in to Castor’s swimming pool. The RCMP, with the help of video surveillance, have identified the person who committed the offense. At the June 24 meeting, council set a fine of $200 for first time offenders who break into town property and $500 for second time offenders.
Jackson said the money from the fines will go into a ‘rewards fund’. Anyone who has tips regarding vandalism or thefts will be compensated for their help with money from the rewards fund.
At the June 24 council meeting Castor councillors discussed a tax complaint they received from a citizen saying they didn’t feel they should have to pay the standard $450 in property taxes each year because they felt their property was too small.
CAO Sandi Jackson said she would write a letter in response to the person who complained saying that council decided every piece of residential property is worth at least $450 and that they will continue to bill residents that amount each year.
Also at this meeting, council decided on the appropriate signs to be erected on the south side of 45th Avenue to caution drivers to slow down. The sign will be similar to a children-crossing sign, but slightly larger.

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