Town of Bashaw finances sound

The Town of Bashaw’s financial audit shows the town is debt free and in good financial condition.

“We are in a strong financial position and in my opinion managing taxpayers’ money well,” said Bashaw Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller.

CPA Scott St. Arnaud of Gitzel & Company gave a presentation to council at its regular meeting April 21. The audit shows that wages paid last year increased by about $69,000. But he said $49,000 of that amount was a pay out of six months of wages to the previous chief administrative officer.

The audit also showed that council took out $57,000 from reserves for operations and about $34,000 of that went towards wages and $14,000 for capital assets.

The town has about $34,000 in tax arrears, mainly due to slower payments due to the economic downturn, said St. Arnaud.

Renovations approved for town’s coffee room
Town of Bashaw staff will have a larger coffee room soon after council unanimously approved $6,500 in renovations.

Chief Administrative Officer Theresa Fuller told council that the current coffee room is undersized to support

staff meetings and daily coffee breaks.
She proposed that the wall in her office be moved farther to the north, thus making the coffee room larger.

“This would serve to accommodate a larger fridge and a table for staff to sit at,” CAO Fuller said in her report to council. “This location would serve the purpose and continue to support the organization to provide lunch and informal meeting facilities at a nominal cost.”

She said that administration could use council chambers for a larger room but added that there is carpet in there and using the room may require additional cleaning.

CAO Fuller said the $6,500 cost for the renovations could come out of the general operating revenue and the budget adjusted to accommodate the expense or from reserve funds. She said that the town could include the renovations in its 2016 MSI Operating or Capital application but added that the amount is below the threshold for MSI Capital application.

54 Avenue discussed
Redoing 54 Avenue will cost about  $3.1 million and council is gathering more information before deciding if and when to proceed.

Coun. Bryan Gust said council needs to move forward with the project.

Council may do the project in parts. Jason Edwards of Tagis Engineering told council, at its regular meeting April 21, that doing it in parts would make it easier to handle financially.

To start, Town of Bashaw will spend up to $5,000 for a camera to view the 54 Avenue sewer line to see if it needs to be replaced when they fix that road.

Jason Edwards, of Tagish Engineering, told council during its regular meeting April 21 that the camera will

help determine the condition of the pipes.
Coun. Rosella Peterman said finding out what condition the sewer line is in is a good starting point and will help council make an “informed decision.”

Town foreman Murray Holroyd told council, to save time and money, the public works department will flush the lines themselves before the engineer arranges for a camera to view the lines.

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