Town looking at installing LED lights for Lions Rec Centre

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Written by Terri Huxley

The Town of Coronation is considering price options for replacing LED lighting within the Lions Club Rec Centre and Bowling Alley.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint stated in the new business item that “Currently, we have lights burning out and ballast that is starting to burn out as well. 

The cost of the LEDs would reduce the amount of light needed and the new LED light would be an energy cost saving as well.”

Council reviewed the options between $7,700 from Thornton Electric or $5,444.25 from Dark Knight Electric for the panels and installation, many finding the prices to be too far out of in range to be considered at this time.

As some switches have already been replaced, Thornton Electric’s quote is closer to $7,000.

They directed administration to contact both applicants to see what brand of light they would be installing as that may be what is affecting the price.

“I don’t know if they are the exact same quality or name brand. I just know that they are the same type that I asked for,” said CAO Flint. 

“If one has knock off ones and one has something different… then if not, that’s quite a bit of a difference,” commented Mayor Ron Checkel.

“That’s a huge difference,” added Dep. Mayor Mark Stannard.

Once an electrician is hired, CAO Flint was confident that they would be able to get the Community Facility Enhancement Program grant to cover the costs up to $7,000.

Administration has already applied and is feeling hopeful about receiving the funding for this project.

“The chances of us getting it are pretty high,” said CAO Flint.

If not, there is also $7,000 left over from a prior renovation within their 2020 budget.

Bowling alley update

On the same being as the bowling alley lighting, Council heard an update from the Bowling alley and how they are fairing out this year.

Sheri Wuzinski, manager of the bowling alley stated that they have seven adult league teams with the possibility of an eighth joining. 

They hope to host tournaments in the future but must contact the health inspector first to see how it can be done.

One suggestion is to have it in a way that families are on the same team to limit exposure by staying to their own cohorts.

Excellent numbers this year in the youth league with between 20 and 25 bowlers showing up. 

Between eight and 13 adult bowlers is way up this year compared to the past.

The only portion not going as well is the open bowling in the evenings as it has been a hit or miss.

Sheri suggested in her report they reduce the number of nights to once a month until numbers pick up again.

Dep. Mayor Stannard mentioned that hockey has picked up for the season which may be drawing people away from bowling.

Coronation Memorial Library

Chairperson Val Cornell of the Coronation Memorial Library has given a comprehensive list of current members on the board and their terms.

Come October 2021, many members will be finishing their term, requiring a motion to allow them to extend their time on the board if they choose to stay.

“They just wanted to let us know where we are in the cycle,” said CAO Flint.

Council accepted the report as information.

Christmas contest

The Christmas decorating contest is expected to hold plenty of charm much like the recent Halloween contest with a few changes.

CAO Flint shared that in order to make it easier on administration to handle, they proposed that every residence in town is automatically entered and that the seniors will be judges.

They would take a bus or some form of transportation as they judge everyone’s home for Christmas cheer.

Council agreed to the suggestions.


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