Town bills colony for ‘business license’

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Local residents of Coronation were surprised to not find the Suncrest Colony Farms vegetable truck in its usual place near the post office on Tuesday, July 2.
That’s because Suncrest Colony Farms received a bill two weeks prior to July 5 from the Town of Coronation, totalling $100, which would cover the cost for an annual business license for businesses located outside of Coronation.
“The ‘new business’ by-law was rewritten three years ago to include all businesses,” said Town of Coronation CAO, Sandra Kulyk.
“The old by-law said agricultural producers didn’t have to pay the by-law fee,” continued Kulyk.
Suncrest Colony Farms manager, Paul Hofer said this is the first year the colony received a bill for a business license.
“We understand there is a demand for our product in Coronation,” said Hofer. “We plan to pay the fee and continue to sell our product in town.”
In Coronation, a ‘business license’ is $50 annually for businesses located within town limits and $100 annually for businesses located outside.
The colony truck only missed one day and were back in business Friday, July 5.

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