Tougher dog bylaw implemented (for Stettler County)

After hearing three verbal submissions at the public hearing for Bylaw 1551-15 – Dog Control at the Sept. 9 meeting, Stettler County council passed the bylaw with new, stricter rules for dog owners, including amendments to some wording and fines.

Ratepayer Wanda Webster, who advocated for the stricter bylaw after losing her dog in an attack, requested that council consider the amendments.
Webster pointed out to council that the bylaw should include a specific reference to dogs causing death to other animals or humans. She also wanted to see higher fines.

“I think there should be major changes to the fines. The fines are very minimal,” stated Webster.

Sign change for Fenn Road

A yield sign will replace the existing stop sign at the junction of Fenn Road (TWP 37-0) and Range Road 20-5. The road currently has a mishmash of both stop and yields signs depending on the intersection.

Coun. Greggory Jackson stated that because the road is a high traffic, transport road that all intersections should be marked with stop signs. The effect of a yield sign is the same as a stop sign if there is oncoming traffic Jackson indicated.

According to Coun. Ernie Gendre, most large trucks that haul on the Fenn Road generally only yield if the intersection is clear of traffic. Gendre stated the grade of the road makes it difficult for trucks to come to a complete stop and then proceed.

Council opted to change to a yield sign to reflect similar intersections in the county.

Fundraising walk/run

Council voted to become a gold sponsor of An Affair for The Heart Fundraising Walk/Run for $500. The funds support upgrades to the Stettler Hospital and Care Centre.

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