Totally disgusted

Dear Editor
I am responding to a letter in your paper from last week. I am totally disgusted with the Clearview School Boards reaction to a  child with Autism.
Why are they not willing to work with this student and his parents, instead of banning him from getting an education.
They have known since he started school that he has had this disability. Now all of a sudden, because he was banned from taking an exit from a situation to which he was not able to handle, he is banned from going to school. Thus causing him more frustration and feeling discouraged.
I am a grandparent of a child of Aspergers.  During his school year, at times, it was very confusing for him  but AT LEAST  he had teachers and school staff that supported him .
He has now graduated, finished cadets and is a working member of society.
Maybe the board should take a lesson from him. Reinstate this child so he also can get an education.
Come on people, rise up and send letters to the board of education and Clearview School Board  demanding this child be given his right to an education with respect, instead of refusing to meet with his counselor and learning to understand his difficulties.
Carol Thomas, Castor, Ab.

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