Top prizes awarded at Coronation Fair

The Coronation County Fair took residence at the Coronation Curling Rink on Wed. Aug. 21. Every colour imaginable was on display in many different forms. Plants, lego, photography, arts and crafts and more took over display tables and were awarded ribbons from judges if they performed well. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Top prizes awarded in the annual Coronation Fair included:

Most Points by One Exhibitor: Laurie Bullick.

Most Points by one family: Donna, Kayden, Jordan and Ryan Glasier.

Most Points in Adult Art: Rhonda Blais and Most Points in Junior Art: Payton Beblow.

Most Points Junior Photography: Erika Grover.

Most Points Adult Photography: Carrie Wager.

Top Adult Photo: Carrie Wager.


Home Economics

Most Points Adult Cooking: Shirley Duncan.

Most Points Adult Home Economics: Debbie Elliott.

Most Points Over 80 in Home Economics: Sonja Smith.

Most Points Disabled Home Economics: Angie Evans.

Most Points Junior Cooking: Hayden Regnier.

Best Entry Junior Needlework & Hobbies 12 and under: Aliza Younger.

Best Entry Junior Needlework & Hobbies, 16 and under: Hailey Neal.

Most Points Junior Home Economics: Reid Hickman.

Most Points in Adult Crocheting: Rhonda Blais.

Most Points in Adult Knitting: Dorothy Fisher.

Outstanding Entry Over 80 Knitting and Crocheting: Betty Schmidt.

Most Points in Sewing & Embroidery(Classes 35-47): Rhonda Blais.

Most Points in Adult Needlework: Dorothy Fisher.

Most Outstanding Entry Adult Needlework: Linda Schetzsle.

Adult Hobbies and Handicrafts Recycled Article: Kayla Dedora.

Most Points in Adult Hobbies: Laurie Bullick.

Most Points over 80 Hobbies: Lois Thumlert.

Most Points Disabled Hobbies: Angie Evans.



Most Points in Vegetable Classes: Laurie Bullick.

Outstanding Entry in Horticulture (Judges Choice): Bill Bullick.

Most Points in Horticulture: Laurie Bullick.


Field crops

Wheat 1 quart sample: Kayden Glasier.

Oats 1 quart sample: Ryan Glasier.

Canola (Argentine) 1 quart sample: Jordan Glasier.

Other 1 quart sample: Ryan Glasier.

Sheaf classes

Wheat: Kayden Glasier.

Oats: Ryan Glasier.

Barley: Layton Perry.

Canola (Argentine): Jordan Glasier.

Most Points in Field Crops: Ryan Glasier.

Grass Legume Mixture: Kayden Glasier.

Annual Forage Crop: Jordan Glasier.


4-H Record Book

Juniors: Alexis Perry.

Intermediate: Layton Perry.

Seniors: Lauryn Perry, Payton Elliott.

School Section

Outstanding Entry Grades 1-3: Seo Young Lee-Gr.2.

Outstanding Entry Grades 4-6: Ella Younger-Gr.4.

Outstanding Entry Grades 7-9: Bradley Goodbrand-Gr.9.

Outstanding Entry Grades 10-12: Felicity Mears-Gr.11.



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