To comply or not to comply, that is the question!

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Dear Editor,

Last week I was confronted by Ray Kristinson, a resident in Morrin, Alta. who accused me of being the only one on the planet, out of millions, who would complain about him parking an RV on the sidewalk, thus impeding pedestrian passage.

Quite regularly I walk past Ray’s place while out with our dog Buffy and don’t expect to have to walk around an obstruction such as an RV incorrectly parked.

I sent an email to Ray’s wife, Coun. M’Liss Edwards (two-time serving councillor in the Village of Morrin); cc’d Mayor Hall, Deputy Mayor MacArthur and CAO Plachner), highlighting the sections of RV By-law # 343 applicable in this case.

Apparently, Mr Kristinson considers that a bylaw applies only if someone complains!

Just a suggestion – maybe council and administration should be proactive and see to it that bylaws are enforced and not rely on neighbours reporting neighbours.

Perhaps Ray has forgotten that a few years ago, Lynn and I provided a place on our property for Ray and M’Liss to park their trailer as the Village had an issue with them and By-law # 343 at that time.

At the time of this confrontation, I was mowing and trimming the property adjacent to Mr. Kristinson’s on behalf of the absentee owner. I have attended to this property for a number of years.

A bit ago, while mowing, an object apparently left the mower (I use a 21” push power mower set to mulch) and hit Mr. Kristinson. At that time I apologized for the “near miss” of a serious injury and have been quite careful since to ensure no projectiles, hopefully, result in a repeat of this incident. However, Mr. Kristinson indicated that he was not finished with that incident!

Peace Be With You Neighbour!

Respectfully, Howard Helton

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