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Arlene Tkach was born on Jan. 14, 1954 in Coronation, Alta.

She was the youngest of four children born to Harry and Helen Webster.

She spent her childhood years on the family farm east of Spondin, where she enjoyed the simple life of a ranch girl with her horses and other ranch activities.

She fondly recalled driving the tractor while putting up the hay crop and dodging rocks that her brother would toss at her from the bale stooker to keep her mind on the job.

She told stories of dress-up with the horses and the many adventures riding.

Early school years were spent at Spondin and then a transfer to the big school in Coronation for high school.

It was here that she spied the love of her life and set her eye on landing the unsuspecting boy. The trap was set and sprung.

Arlene married Robert (Rob) Tkach on Mar. 3, 1972 in a small ceremony in Edmonton.

Rob went on to finish his degree in Pharmacy, and a new adventure began.

They welcomed their firstborn in July of 1972, and with Neil in tow they headed north.

The family soon purchased their first home in Grande Prairie where Rob was employed as a pharmacist.

Arlene went to work first as a waitress in a local hotel and then she began her retail career with Zellers and quickly became a department manager.

In 1975, the call of home caught them and they returned to Coronation to purchase the local drugstore. Arlene would work side by side with Rob in running the pharmacy.

In the summer of 1976, they were blessed with Toby.

In 1977, the business was relocated to the Coronation “mall” with Arlene at Rob’s side in the pharmacy and the kids running ragged around the mall a close-knit family was made.

New friends and colleagues ruled the roost of the Coronation mall.

Shopping cart rides, naps in the furniture store, creations in the bakery and showers under the drainage pipe are a few of the memorable stories relayed for the future generations entertainment.

In 1981, Arlene completed the first program of Pharmacy Technician at Red Deer College.

1983 saw another career change with Rob moving to the hospital as Materials Manager/Pharmacist with his right-hand pharmacy technician Arlene at his side.

While Rob looked after other matters in the facility, Arlene kept the pharmacy running smoothly and submitted a monthly newsletter for the hospital with word puzzles to stump everyone.

1987 saw Rob transfer to Daysland as Hospital Administrator, and Arlene followed once the house sold in Coronation.

While in Daysland, Arlene worked as a pharmacy technician at the local drug store, and she began volunteering with the local ambulance service.

Eventually, she opened a small variety business she entitled “Imagination.”

She completed her EMT-A in 1992.

While in Daysland, she was a fish momma with a pond outside her home that would generate hundreds of goldfish.

She would move these to a small plastic swimming pool in her store in Daysland and give them away.

1996 saw another relocation to Red Deer and a baby.

Born in July of 1996, Alexandra was the first of four grandkids to be spoiled.

At this point, Arlene went into semiretirement with some initial health issues.

While in Red Deer, she hosted many of her children’s friends and became the annual host for a number of years for a couple of cowboys competing in the FCA finals.

Arlene continued with her tradition of renovating every house they owned.

Rob fondly remembers the removal of many walls, a beautiful oak china cabinet that will forever now be pink, and a formally red brick fireplace painted white.

All this often happened while Rob was away at work.

1998 brought two new milestones to the family, Neil and Pam got married in the backyard in July, and Keegan was born in August.

1999 saw Toby and Dave married in September, and the year 2000 brought grandchild number three; Shae was born in August.

Arlene and Rob were once again on the move.

This time to Crossfield to operate another pharmacy.

Together Arlene and Rob operated a successful business until 2008.

During this time, she used her retail skills to train the pharmacy staff who became very proficient buyers and merchandisers and welcomed her last grandchild Brooklyn in February of 2003.

In about 2005, Arlene’s health began to catch up to her, and an unfortunate turn to bad health plagued her from this point on.

In 2015 a return to Coronation saw Arlene in assisted living where she stayed for two years then moved home with Rob.

In December of 2019, Arlene returned to long term care and passed in her sleep on the morning of Mar. 2, one day short of her 48th wedding anniversary.

Throughout her life, Arlene enjoyed her gardens and flowers – when unable to plant them herself, she made sure Rob had things properly looked after.

She enjoyed the outdoors with camping a favourite pass time.

Fondly remembered were the many weekends spent at Pine Lake with family and friends and numerous trips to Hawaii, her favourite vacation spot.

She loved to travel and was able the see many distant places.

Sewing and quilting were long time passions and she was an avid reader devouring anything by Nora Roberts and her pseudonym J D Robb.

There was never a shortage of Lypsyl, Kleenex or water in the house. Neil and Pam, Toby and Dave, along with her four grandchildren Allie, Brooklyn, Keegan and Shae, were her pride and joy and she very much enjoyed the time spent together.

Her grandchildren remember the -5 C. house temperature (they would always bring an extra sweater) and her passion for cards, and bagels with strawberry cream cheese and sprinkles.

She was predeceased by her parents and several aunts and uncles. She is survived by sisters Valerie (Dennis) Cornell, Cheryal (Bruce) Bauer and brother Lyle Webster, her husband Rob and children Neil (Pam) Tkach and Toby (Dave) Evans, grandchildren Allie (Daken), Brooklyn, Keegan and Shae and several nieces and nephews.

Rest in peace, dear Arlene – the pain is finally gone.

Private funeral services were held on Mar. 5, 2020 in the Heartland Chapel of Stettler Funeral Home.

Memorial donations may be made to the Alberta Cancer Foundation or Canadian Diabetes.

Condolences may be sent to the family at

Parkview Funeral Chapels & Crematorium entrusted with the care and funeral arrangements, 403-882-3141.

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