Tiny House development permit approved by Delia council

Council approved a development application with several conditions for a tiny house, 191.2 sq. ft. on the vacant lot, 122 – 3rd Ave West in Delia, Ab at their regular council meeting Thurs. Sept 14.
The proposed development by Phillip and Trenda Tyschuk of High River, Ab. must be placed on a permanent foundation, properly skirted and the current property owner of the empty lot must sign the development permit prior to the permit taking effect.
Relaxation of building plans includes the size of residence in the R2 zone bylaw that states detached dwellings must be 800 sq. ft. A public meeting is required for final approval.
Council will ask the government for an extension for the Water Reservoir Expansion Project as the village currently does not have their portion of the funds to complete the project.
The initial completion date is March 2018 to qualify for funding from the Federal government of over $500,000.
The request for a one year extension to the funding will able the village to better assess whether they can proceed with the project.
The Atco franchise fee will be maintained at five per cent.
Council passed third reading on the 10 year agreement with Alta Gas with the initial franchise fee at 12 per cent.
Following a 13 minute in-camera on a legal item, council motioned to work with a solicitor to proceed with the action necessary to recover 508 Highland Way.
CAO Mark Nikota reported the two sets of steps were installed on 1st Ave. as a result of the paving project, as well as two speed limit signs as per request from residents.
Nikota reported he is taking the problem of the railway crossing south of Delia to CN as they own the right of way. Nikota said he has given up on Cando, who was hired by CN to take out tracks and repair the road service .

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