Tinsel brings back Christmas memories

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I had decided that I was not going to let the COVID-19 beast get me down this Christmas, and it didn’t, well, not much. Those Hallmark movies and Facebook did a real good job of doing that.

Those Hallmark movies with their perfectly decorated trees and houses and even perfectly decorated towns. Those movies where everyone gets home for Christmas no matter what. 

Those movies made me think of all the years that Christmas had been at my house and I had done all the decorating and baking. (Never as perfectly as those Hallmark people do, of course.) 

I had not had the big family Christmas at my place for years but suddenly that was what I wanted. I couldn’t have it so I didn’t even want to put my little fibre optic tree up.

Then people on Facebook started putting up pictures of how we decorated the Christmas trees in the old days, covered with shiny tinsel. 

That made me get all nostalgic about that and how it had always been my job to put that tinsel on the tree. I didn’t even think I could do that because I had not seen tinsel in the stores for years.

I was really having a good pity party.

A few days later I was wandering around the Christmas section of the local pharmacy trying to find my Christmas spirit when I found tinsel! 

The store had a full peg of packages of shiny silver tinsel. Just looking at those packages brought my Christmas spirit back and I quickly bought two packages.

When I got home I decided that my little fibre optic tree was not good enough for tinsel so I decided to get a new tree. I ended up having to order it online and when it arrived it was in this skinny little box that had me very worried . After a hard fought battle I got it out of that box and when I fluffed up all the branches it turned out to be a very nice little tree. I just needed to dress it up.

When I got the big box of decorations out of the storage room I noticed that I had written “lighted Christmas carollers in Grandma’s suitcase. This suitcase was an antique tin suitcase that Grandma had used when she went to England in the early 1950’s. I had put it up on the top shelf to keep it safe, but I thought it was empty.

I pulled it down and yes there was my beautiful ceramic Christmas carollers decoration with an even better treasure under it. There was the crocheted tablecloth that my Grandmother had made for me and I had thought was lost and gone forever.

What a wonderful Christmas gift to me.

Then I started to decorate the tree and digging in that box of ornaments and decorations sent me down many memory lanes. The best was when I got down to the bottom of the box and found our old little white and gold angel. Another treasure. Mom had bought her in the late 1960’s when the mini Christmas lights first came out. The mini amber lights the angel held gave her a golden glow and we just loved her. The lights quit working years ago but I didn’t care and put her in the place of honour on the top of the tree.

It was finally time for the tinsel and I covered that little tree with the shiny stuff. I thought the tree was perfect. Now it really felt like Christmas.

The COVID-19 beast is going to make Christmas different this year for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it will be a bad Christmas. I know my Christmas of 2020 will be a good one. I have lots of good food. I have two cousins who will share it with me. I have treasures that were lost and now are found, and I have tinsel on my tree.

Merry Christmas.


by Lois Perepelitz

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