Time to stop the madness

Today’s estimate is that it will cost $92,000,000 to purchase one F-35 stealth fighter jet.  That’s a lot of zeros and a lot of tax dollars that could be used for health care and education.  And that’s nowhere near the final cost, that’s just the latest estimate.
The purchase the F-35s has become a hot potato for the government. The Opposition has been wondering for years why the F-35, when there are two proven fighter jets on the market.
No one argues against the need for new jets to replace the old CF-18s. The argument has always been why Canadian taxpayers should fund Lockheed Martin to build a new jet and whether Canada needs to be in the stealth club?
Certainly our Prime Minister and top military brass are enamored with the American war machine. But, let’s get real. It’s fun to play with the big boys, but we can’t afford it and we don’t need it.
It’s always amazing our fiscal hawks become wild spenders when it comes to purchasing macho-mania military things.
There are a number of reasons why Canada’s economy is in better shape than the United States and military purchases is a major one.  Unlike Canada, the United States must go to war to protect their overseas oil supplies.
Canada’s needs are primarily around defending our nation, particularly in the north or international human rights tragedies, such as preventing genocide.
Defence contractors are notorious for screwing taxpayers. They overcharge, always go over budget and make egregious profits.
Procurement departments for governments have been very dumb for a long time.
In the case of Lockheed Martin, the manufacturers of the F-35s, they appear to have gotten so greedy that even governments desperately wanting to join the stealth club are having to pull back and re-set.
Can you imagine a small independent contractor winning the bid for a municipal sewer line and going back over and over and over again requesting more money to complete the job they bid on and won?
Arms manufacturers have a monopoly and their customers are generally governments.  They’ve been making excess profits for far too long on the backs of wage earners.
It’s time to stop the madness. Taxpayers are tired and the F-35s are overkill.

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