Time to house clean

Dear Editor,

I am of the opinion that it would have been better for Canada if Trudeau had kept his promise of a “small budget deficit” rather than keeping his promise to legalize marijuana! The 2018 federal budget included $80 million to discourage people from using tobacco, yet Health Canada’s website lists the many medical and psychological problems that come with marijuana use.

Adolescents will be able to possess up to 10 joints of marijuana. Forget that Canada signed the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child (Article 33) that states that children must be protected from illicit drugs and be prevented from trafficking them!

Then there’s the “free trade” issue. Canada has been putting a rivet in Chinese steel and shipping it to the U.S. as if it were our own. And we’re surprised when the U.S. figures this out and slaps a tariff on “our” steel! Or, take the dairy industry: the fallout from the 2016 Class 7 agreement that restricted U.S. exports of ultra-filtered milk (used to make dairy products) has turned the annoyance of Canada’s supply management system into another serious issue.

Trudeau, on the other hand, brought “gender and reproductive rights” to the negotiating table! Whatever your opinion of Donald Trump, he can be expected to negotiate in favour of his own country. When Trump walked away from negotiations, Andrew Scheer and Jason Kenney declared they stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Trudeau. Maybe they should clarify their positions. Do they really support a vanity poodle poking a stick at a bulldog 10 times his size?

And then there’s the NDP that Albertans foolishly allowed to form government because of their frustration with the out-of-touch former P.C.s. After “months of consultation” on the infamous Bill 6, they are “allowing” farmers to take a leak in the back 40 without requiring someone to bring them a porta-potty! It’s time to clean house in the 2019 elections!

Pat Holloway, Castor, Ab.

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