Time to get back to work

I am eager to return to the essential work that is done in Parliament for the people of Battle River—Crowfoot on  Nov. 22. 

Unfortunately, the delay will mean the constituting of Parliamentary Committees will likely be in the new year. 

For those who follow House of Commons proceedings closely, they will know that it is in committees where much of the work of Parliament gets done. 

This is also where the Official Opposition is able to most effectively hold the Liberal Government to account. 

This includes holding the Government accountable for their conduct, studying important issues, and ensuring that all legislation is carefully reviewed. 

In the last Parliament, I saw how important committees were through my work on both the Ethics and Public Safety Committees.

We are seeing firsthand that Canadians are faced with a pervasive threat of rapid inflation; due to the unhindered printing of money coupled with the Government’s overspending… unfortunately, our economy is stumbling, and industries like agriculture and energy are last on the list of priorities, even though these industries helped build Canada.


Damien Kurek, MP

Battle River-Crowfoot Constituency

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