Time has proved him wrong

Dear Editor,

Watching Prime Minister Trudeau come out for his daily brief on the virus was painful as he spoke in his smarmy condescending voice about how he, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) were handling the virus so well.

Time has proved him wrong.

Dr. Theresa Tam, Health Minister Hajdu and the Prime Minister appear incompetent at every turn.

The Prime Minister’s slavish desire to get a seat on the UN Security Council has caused him to throw billions of borrowed money at other countries.

The continuation and increase of the carbon tax show the lengths he will go to pander to the UN.

The WHO has been exposed as a lapdog of China.

The PM allowed flights from China as to not offend anyone in the UN and until recently allowed the illegal migrants to flood across the border into the welcoming arms of the RCMP.

I wish he would fly off to his pal, the Aga Khan’s private island and leave a responsible adult in charge.

Perhaps we could draft Stephen Harper.

In contrast, we are fortunate to have Premier Kenny and Dr. Deena Hinshaw in charge in Alberta.

Will mistakes be made? I am sure as dealing with the doctors could be one of those mistakes.

Time will tell.

I believe Alberta is the best place on earth to be as we go through this pandemic.

We even have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators to help other provinces.

Recently there was an outcry because 24,000 teachers support staff are being laid off.

I feel bad for them and the students, but currently, almost 100,000 restaurant workers in Alberta are unemployed, 800,000 across Canada.

Over 100,000 oilfield workers in Alberta unemployed and many more to come.

The public service seems to think it should be immune from disasters.

There will be many businesses that will never re-open. Many will lose everything they have worked for.

One side effect is that we do not see Greta Thunberg constantly.

All is not lost.

I write this on Easter Sunday and I am reminded of what the future holds.


Gord Snell

Three Hills, Alta.

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