Time for real evaluation

Dear Editor,
Wow, to say these last two and a half years has been a roller coaster is a vast understatement.

The threat of something deadly looming always in the backs of our minds had us washing groceries, eyeballing everyone around us suspiciously, and locking ourselves away.

The ungrateful few grew loud and cantankerous, they suspected a disaster was afoot, they were ridiculed and fined and socially outcasted for their opinions.

Looking back now, they were probably right.

The fear only continued to rise like a war machine from the depths of hell, families torn apart and distanced, friends exiled and alienated. It was a driving force, the likes that man hadn’t seen in many many years. The rise of the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated became the hottest topic of 2021.. Never before had something so polarizing entered Canadian society.

The government commanded these people were a plague of locusts among us. The response was almost universal, these people needed to be ousted from jobs, ousted from friendships and family relations post haste. They are going to kill all of us.

Something was taking place in our society, a rift that may well take us a century to repair.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I think now that fear is lessened, we need to really do some reflection on what has taken place.

Health agencies now are advertising that the vaccinated can catch, spread the enemy in question. So what exactly did we do to those ungrateful people we ousted…

We need to really ask ourselves what types of abuses and neglect we subjected our fellow man to.

We dismantled a full healthy culture because of fear of the unknowns. Talk about history repeating itself. I can count many many times reading opinion pieces about how unvaccinated should be rounded up and placed in camps. My God have we ever forgotten who Canadians are. Our ancestor’s bled and died so that human life and human rights could be preserved.

What kind of people are we exactly?

Are we so willing to put people through monetary, psychological, and physical abuses because of fear?

The answer is a resounding YES.

We really are ready and willing to abolish human rights and human life for our own safety, being physical, financial or social.

I think it’s time for a real evaluation of the type of Canada we want to live in. I think this pandemic has shaken our society right down to the foundations. I like many, don’t like the skeletons that have resurfaced, I’m ashamed of the way people have been treated. It’s time for apologies, mending of fences and true reconciliation.

It’s time to repair.

Shannon Currie
Blackfalds, Alta.

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