Tightened their belts and worked harder

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I think I have been playing that stupid Candy Crush game too much.  I even dreamed about it the other night.

In my dream I was walking down a crowded sidewalk working away at the game on my phone and so was everyone else.

Then I realized that all the other people were dressed in the fashions of the 1910 era. The buildings were even in that style with wooden sidewalks and a dirt street.

My first thought when I woke up was “how would you explain a smart phone to the average person of that era?”

The plain old telephone was just getting started at that time.

How could we explain a remote command start to them? If they had a car then they had to go out and crank it to get it started.

Then there are the trips to the moon and telling them about the International Space Station that could get them calling for those men with the special white jackets.

What about all the everyday things that we take for granted?

Things like central heating and all our electrical appliances; a woman from that era might weep tears of joy at the thought of our dishwashers.

Oh, the things they could learn from us.

A few years ago I went through 100 years of the Coronation ECA Review newspaper to pick out the interesting articles and make them into a history book for the centennial of the newspaper.

This gave me a pretty good idea of what the people of that time were like.

I think the thing I admire the most about them is their courage.  These people would pack up and go to a place where there was nothing but the promise of a train depot in the near future and make themselves a home and businesses.

This is how they built our towns and cities.

These people had to work hard just to keep warm, fed and clean; their heat came from wood stoves, they cooked on these stoves and if they wanted hot water to clean with, they had to go get it from a well and heat it on the stove.

On top of that, they were building a town. When they had a problem or needed something major for the town they didn’t go crying to the government to get it, they put their heads together and found a way to get it.

When times got tough they didn’t grumble and rant at the government. They just tightened their belts and worked harder, and if a neighbour needed help they got together and each did whatever they could to help.

Gee maybe we could learn a little from them.

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