Tiger trout available for the first time

Tiger trout are being added as a licensed species in 2021 for stocking of lakes and private ponds in Alberta. ECA Review/Submitted
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Tiger trout are being added as a licensed species of trout in 2021 for the Alberta aquaculture industry and private pond owners throughout rural Alberta, including farmers, ranchers and recreational property owners. 

The licensing change from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is the culmination of years of cautious study, conversations between government and industry, and planning for the further introduction of the species.

Tiger trout are a hybrid of brown and brook trout. The species is desirable to anglers and sport fishers because of its unique “fighting” style. 

Tiger trout in Alberta cannot reproduce. This enhances the fish’ capacity to grow to a large size after several years in water bodies with abundant food. These factors combine to lure anglers to any Alberta lake where they are stocked.

“For anglers and private pond owners who are serious about the experience of catching fish, tiger trout have been a wish list species for several years in Alberta. 

The move to expand licensing for tiger trout into the aquaculture industry follows almost eight years of careful, science-based introduction of the species into Alberta water bodies. 

There will be up to 30 provincially stocked lakes with tiger trout in 2021.



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