Three per cent tax increase for Coronation property owners

Coronation town council approved the 2017 budget with a three per cent tax increase over last year.
With the three per cent tax increase, revenues budgeted for 2017 is $3,329,627 compared to actual 2016 revenues of $2,993,788.
Expenditures budgeted for 2017 amount to $3,292,688 over last year’s actuals of $2,998,320.
The Salary & Wage Grid is budgeted for the same as last year, however some staff qualify for an advancement on the grid with a budgeted increase of $5942.
Council expense budget increased from $65,265 to $76,108 for all councillors to attend the AUMA meetings since this is an election year.  Council expressed the value of these meetings for new councillors.
An increase of $30,000 was presented in the budget for gravel for back alleys and Alexander Crescent.
A $40,000 increase in bulk water sales is anticipated and a $25,000 expense for a Bulk Water Metering System that, according to CAO Sandra Kulyk, will alleviate missed invoicing, staff time and make it considerably more convenient to the truckers.
Decommissioning a water well ($5,000) as instructed by the government; Shirley McClellan Regional Water Commission debentures of $6,800 for Phase II and III; and replacing two fire hydrants for $30,000 is in the planned budget.
The water main project and the bulk water metering system costing $453,000 will be funded from the Federal Gas Tax Fund, MSI Grant and the Water Capital Reserve.
The approved budget saw a $5574 increase in Contracted and General Services    expenditure at the airport for crack sealing the runway and some building maintenance.
Council included a budget of $12,000 for weed spraying.

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