Three Hills Victim Services supports 138 people in last two months

Three Hills Victim Services group
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Three Hills Victim Services group

When tragedy strikes, lives are shattered, uncertainty overflows and victims feel lost and alone.

At times like these, those who have been impacted – our neighbours, our friends and our families – need a place to turn for emotional support, comfort, information and referrals.

That’s where Three Hills Victim Services trained and dedicated Victim Advocates step in. This group of committed community volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, and work under the guidance and direction of the Three Hills RCMP.

The support they provide comes with over 100 hours of intensive training, which equips them to respond with care, compassion, and competence to suicides, family violence, sexual assault, traffic fatalities, and sudden death.

In the past two months, Three Hills Victim Services has assisted 138 people at their time of deepest need.

The Victim Services Association (VSU) located out of the office of the Three Hills RCMP has been supporting Victims of Crime & Tragedy for close to 30 years.

The VSU team comprises Board of Directors: Doug Lorraine, Barb Mancini, Lorraine MacLean, Sgt Jamie Day, Karen Fegan, Theresa Johnson, George Thatcher and Cheryl Warren.

Volunteer Advocates that support the communities are Alex Eyjolfson, Bonnie Hebert, Chantel Phamondon, Christine Coggins, David Parrish, Diane Gunter, Miriam Rashleigh, Shirley Cullum. The Program Manager is Carolyn Kung.

Volunteer Advocates program manager Carolyn Kung and Sgt. Jamie Day of the Three Hills RCMP Detachment. ECA Review/Submitted

Sgt. Jamie Day recognized Program Manager Kung at the event with the Detachment Commanders’ certificate of appreciation for all of her dedication and hard work over the years.

Sgt. Day also commented on the passion all the advocates bring to the VSU program.

All of their time is volunteer time and acknowledged their time takes them away from their family to serve the RCMP to help victims in need.

During the months of COVID-19 they have been supported by local businesses.

The financial support goes toward safe housing for those fleeing Domestic Violence, ongoing training of volunteers and more.



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