Three Hills RCMP officer recognized for her investigational contributions

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An officer from the Three Hills RCMP detachment was recognized for her investigational contributions.

Constable Chantelle Weedmark was awarded the Detachment Commander’s Certificate of Appreciation by Three Hills RCMP Detachment Commander Sergeant Jamie Day.

“In recognition for your Enthusiasm, Compassion, Dedication and exemplary way that you perform your duties policed by the Three Hills RCMP.  Your work ethic in your investigations plays a key role with these complexed investigations and you perform these duties without any hesitation. My words can never be enough to praise the important work that you do; and talent you bring to the table always exceeds my expectations. The dedication and integrity you have displayed is truly a credit to the organization, the clients it serves and speaks to the high standards you have set for yourself.  I truly appreciate your commitment.”




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