Three Hills RCMP implements rural crime officer position

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Policing rural communities poses a number of complexities, including the demand it puts on police resources.

Three Hills RCMP is working with community stakeholders to evaluate needs and optimize resources for rural communities.

As such, Three Hills RCMP developed a rural crime officer position and customized local initiatives to address the issue of rural crime.

Local priorities and crime prevention approaches are discussed regularly by community leaders and the Three Hills RCMP Detachment Commander.

The Three Hills Rural Crime member duties include Liaise with Crime reduction units; Focus on arresting prolific offenders; Liaise with crime analyst that will allow the RCMP to identify prolific offenders and target organized crime; Protecting communities; Sharing information with other agencies; Using technology to target rural crime, including bait programs and Public education and engagement including educating Albertans about crime prevention.

All activities associated with this issue will be sourced from existing operational budgets.

In 2017, the Alberta RCMP implemented a comprehensive Crime Reduction Strategy as the foundational basis for the delivery of policing services to the people of Alberta.

Built on proven methodologies and using evidence and intelligence, the strategy takes a coordinated divisional approach to focus resources in vulnerable communities while leveraging the support of provincial and federal partners to address the root causes of crime to break the cycle of crime.



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