Three Hills economic road map to be developed

Three Hills Economic Development Office Jacqueline Buchanan at Three Hills Council meeting Oct. 22 with news of a significant provincial grant that will enhance the town’s economic development.
ECA Review/D. Nadeau

If you want to get from A to B in a community’s economic growth, you need a map.

That is why Three Hills Economic Development Officer Jacqueline Buchanan was at Council Oct. 22 with news of the town receiving a $60,000 matching grant.

The money from the provincial government’s community and regional economic support grant program will create a plan—a roadmap—over the next two years to direct economic development for the Town and its public partners.

When completed, the town’s economic growth plan will survey positives and negatives in the town’s business climate, define economic growth strategies, and develop a blueprint for land development.

“The plan’s information,” said Buchanan, “will be made public to ensure that local partners, industry stakeholders, investors and support organizations have access to the information. That will help everyone make informed business and development decisions.”


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