Three east central school divisions not piloting new curriculum

Written by Terri Huxley

The school divisions of Battle River, Wolf Creek and Clearview have mulled over the options and have chosen to refrain from piloting the newly proposed Kindergarten-Grade 6 school curriculum for the coming 2021-2022 school year.

Piloting this new curriculum is voluntary for school authorities in Alberta.

For Battle River School Division (BRSD), according to their media release made on April 12, it plans on continuing to have a strong focus on meeting students’ diverse learning and wellness needs and acknowledge the challenging year teachers have been facing due to the pandemic.

“There is great reluctance to add to their load by asking them to pilot new material. However, any teachers who want to review the new curriculum and provide feedback to Alberta Education will be supported in doing so,” the release stated.

Parent comments and concerns were taken into consideration when making this decision.

As for Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS), the main considerations they focused on to come to this decision include the timing of the draft K-6 curriculum release; ensuring learner outcomes are developmentally age appropriate; ensuring the content reflects research-based 21st century learner outcomes including a balance of critical thinking and knowledge-based learning opportunities and ensuring adequate representation of foundational knowledge and understanding relating to Indigenous people throughout the grade levels.

“For the time being, our focus remains on student and staff well-being during a time where continuity of learning and recovery from the pandemic is paramount,” said Jayson Lovell, WCPS Superintendent.

As part of the board highlights for Clearview Public Schools, the Board of Trustees reviewed many of the Alberta Education draft curriculum documents, choosing to not engage in the pilot process with the Alberta Government “as we continue to focus on the success of our students and staff.”

“The Board of Trustees, senior leadership, and teachers will over the next year be looking forward to providing information on the draft curriculum that reflects what is best for students, and in consultation with our families and communities.”

Providing feedback

Alberta Education’s draft K-6 Curriculum is currently open for public input. To view the curriculum in its entirety, please visit: and provide your input at:


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