Three attend rink feasibility study meeting

Stephen Slawuta of RC Strategies delivers a skating arena and curling rink feasibility study to a near empty room at the Lions Rec Centre in Coronation on Thurs., May 12.  ECA Review/D.Clark

The information took a year to gather however only three people, outside of town council and the steering committee made up of members of the Wellness Society and press attended the skating arena and curling rink feasibility study public presentation held on Thur., May 12 at the Lions Rec Centre in Coronation.

“Either the town really trusts council to make decisions for them or people simply don’t care,” the Town of Coronation CAO Sandra Kulyk told the press that night.

The Edmonton based community development, public engagement and wellness infrastructure, company, RC Strategies presented their findings, which included a year’s worth of research to a total of 12 people.

Their 144 person survey reported that 67 per cent of persons who completed the survey actively use the skating rink while 80 per cent have been a spectator.

The curling rink reports showed slightly lower numbers with a 50 per cent participant rate and 60 per cent as spectators.

Their research also showed a significantly high percentage of 10 – 14 year olds living in the Coronation area compared to the rest of the province.

The research stated that the Coronation skating arena was the only one in a 25 km radius and one of 15 in a 100 km radius.

The Coronation curling arena showed similar findings.

The other significant items of note which RC Strategies shared at the meeting included their engineers’ findings that there is a high likelihood of a catastrophic event happening in the next one to five years due to combination of structural issues in the skating rink.

Interestingly enough the price tag to “fix” the buildings to bring them up to spec is almost identical to building two brand new structures, around $20 million, give or take a couple of million depending on the facilities’ amenities that are included for a new complex.

For a complete overview of the feasibility study visit the Town of Coronation’s website.

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