Third doctor to start clinic practice in Coronation

Dr. Suzan Shenouda toured the Coronation hospital and the town on Mon., Nov. 28.
Suzan Shenouda, mother of three children, (Maria who has graduated, sons, Youssef and Ramy, in grades 8 and 10)  and married to Dr. Reda Mahfouz a cardiologist in Egypt.

She started her practice in 1994 as part of a joint private family clinic  in rural Egypt.

Dr. Shenouda is a graduate of Ain Shams University of medicine in Egypt,  got her residency training at Mataria teaching hospital in Cairo. She  passed the licensing exams in USA and got her license in Canada after passing the certified Canadian exams.

She moved to Canada in Sept. 2012 and started as a volunteer in ER at Royal Alexandra Hospital,  joined medicentres  in Edmonton then did observership in Hanna and Grey Nuns Hospital. She joined the research team at the University of Alberta and has published articles cited in pubmed.

Dr. Shenouda should be finished her assessment by Dec. 6 and ready to start her clinic practice in Coronation as early as Dec. 19.

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