Think about succeeding generations

Dear Editor, 

Some believe that younger people who are hesitant to take a vaccine that is a new technology are “selfish, inconsiderate, narcissistic, whiners, entitled and for them it’s all about ME”. 

These are strong claims.

Here are several facts about the baby boomer generation. When they were young and had young families, they were able to buy and build homes and buy land at a tiny fraction of what these things cost today. 

During most their lifetime, they consistently voted in governments that used deficit financing to run the government; they consistently paid taxes that were lower than they should have been for the services that they demanded. 

They consistently paid less into CPP and EI than they should have for what they enjoyed or are now enjoying in terms of benefits. 

The result of all these things is a mountain of irreparable government debt and financial obligations that they are downloading onto successive generations. 

When the COVID pandemic came, boomers were the biggest cheerleaders of the lockdowns and restrictions because they were rightly fearful because we did not know the severity of the disease that COVID was causing. 

As more information came out about the incredibly low mortality rates for COVID among people under 50, they listened to, in my opinion,  the fear-mongering media and demanded that these draconian measures be kept in place until many Albertans were at the breaking point at the beginning of this last summer, when the government finally opened things up. 

They were obsessed with cases of COVID but ignored increasing suicides and mental health issues among the population as well as the huge financial toll on small businesses affected by the lockdowns and restrictions. 

Now, after everyone in the baby boomer generation who wants it has received both of their COVID n-RNA shots, they are demanding that everyone, including people aged 12 to 30 be forced to take the vaccine without knowing its long-term effects. 

Who are the “selfish, inconsiderate, narcissistic, entitled whiners”? Who seems to think “it’s all about me”? 

The baby boomer generation already has the vaccine, you have already lived most of your life and it has been secure and peaceful for the most part; you have accumulated and experienced many good things. 

I challenge your readers of the baby boomer generation to thoughtfully and humbly think about the succeeding generations, your children and your grandchildren, and seriously consider the implications of what you have demanded and are continuing to demand throughout this pandemic. 

Also, please give thought to the fact that we are all mortal and we all have our date with death at some point, no matter what we demand of the government, the healthcare system, and people from the younger generations. 


Eric Neilson

Fleet, Alberta

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