Theresetta School finishes September with many activities

Theresetta students enthusiastically raised over $2,600 for the Terry Fox Foundation on Sept. 25. Here are some energetic Grade 6 and 7 students seen pounding the pavement near the start. ECA Review/Kirsten Smawley

We have had an amazing and productive September at Theresetta School, with students and staff enthusiastically pursuing many learning opportunities and character development activities.

Many of the Grade 5 to 9s are excited to be a couple of weeks into their volleyball season already.

Thus far they have been practicing skills and team play in their cohort groups after school, keeping the gym and themselves busy four nights a week.

The focus and drive to improve, and the building of character and school identity which players are admirably demonstrating, is something to behold.

Junior kindergarten began at Theresetta on Sept. 15.

We saw some fancy new clothes, flashy backpacks, and of course plenty of huge smiles from everyone involved with the arrival of our newest school community members.

Thoughtfully and attentively Theresetta students and staff participated in and learned about the history of, and reason for the Sept. 30 Orange Shirt Day.

Miss Smawley organized shirts for students and staff and shared lessons and videos to help us remember and more clearly understand the realities of residential schools for First Nations students.

More empathy was gained  for what these students experienced and many thought provoking discussions were initiated.

On Oct.1, Theresetta students and staff were blessed with a sunny afternoon sky, and Father Roger conducted our first school Mass as an open air event.

In addition, Oct. 1 was the feast day of our Patron Saint, St. Therese of Lisieux.

Traditionally the Grade 9 class and Mr. Ries perform a re-enactment of a few of the important and inspirational parts of her life, and they came through again this year after our Mass.

St. Therese’s and the Grade 9’s message about doing even little things with great love is an important one to be attentive to and makes our world a better place.

Typically our junior high religion class pursues a service project with the residents of the Long Term Care or Lodge, but of course this year they are unable to do so.

Instead, they made cards or wrote letters with messages of hope for the residents to help lift their spirits while we are in this pandemic and less likely to have contact with visitors.

During the last hour of the school day on Sept. 25, cohort classes happily participated in the 40th annual Terry Fox Run.

Beautiful, warm weather greeted some very eager runners, with some doing a challenging four kilometre loop and others a shorter, more manageable circuit.

The Theresetta community set a goal of raising $2000 for the very worthwhile Terry Fox Foundation but at this time the total is nearing an amazingly generous $2,700.

The Grade 3/4 class has been learning about Waste and Our World.

Last week they  used old newspapers and other scrap paper to make their own, using blenders and screen frames.

They learned recycling is an acceptable way to help our world, as it reduces the amount of waste in a landfill, but the they also realized a great deal of energy is consumed to make new paper out of old paper.


by Brenda Kneller and Roger Fetaz

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