Theresetta School carries on through weather and COVID-19

Grade 5, 6 Theresetta music students under the direction of Mrs. Kneller, show off their bucket drumming skills and creativity. ECA Review/Submitted

The Theresetta school community is continuing to have a wonderful October, even with the slight change in the weather.

Prior to our extra-long weekend, the Grade 3-4 religion class presented a Thanksgiving readers’ theatre, based on the Bible story of the Good Samaritan.

They were able to deliver a thought provoking, character building message with their outside performance for the whole school, as the weather was still moderate.

Our fundraiser was a huge success again this year and enables students to offset or completely cover the costs of their field trips to places such as Kootenay Plains for three days, or mountain ski trips.

The Grade 5 – 6 students have completed their sometimes messy Wetlands science unit just in time for the change in temperature we encountered.

Fortunately, they were able to make numerous interesting and educational mini field trips to the pond next to the school to observe and infer about the complex wetland ecosystem and its organisms before the temperatures dropped.

During the unit they were also able to examine adaptations wetland organisms have, including the slime and corrugations cat tails have, and they expertly used microscopes to observe the tiny, but plentiful wildlife in a drop of wetland water.

Our students union for 2020-21 has garnered a great deal of praise from its coordinator, Miss Smawley.

Demonstrating and embracing the Seven Habits for all parts of their duties, this group of very engaged and generous students is planning some creative and enjoyable spirit days to boost students and staff mental health, as well as fundraisers for charity.

There have been plenty of rhythmic sounds coming out of the multi-purpose room, as Mrs. Kneller’s music classes have been using a variety of instruments to accompany an assortment of Halloween songs.

From bucket drums to triangles and tambourines, there is no lack of ways to create musical entertainment!

We can’t wait for the positive activities and learning the months ahead bring everyone in our school community.


by Roger Fetaz, principal

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