Theresetta School Badminton Tournament

Theresetta and Gus Wetter schools hosted their annual joint Junior High Castor Badminton Tournament on Wed. April 15 and had teams from the East Central League entered.

The tournament saw over 260 games take place throughout the afternoon and evening with 10 schools participating from the area.

A highlight from the event was seeing Boston Slemp and Ethan Boger who were entered into the Grade 9 boys doubles category to fill in for a late cancellation. They took on teams three and four years older than them only to win the second place title.

All the Theresetta teams showed up in full force, again earning many awesome results.

Second place finishers included: Ray Musgrove (Grade 7 boys singles), Drew Bagshaw and Damon Ries (Grade 7 boys doubles), Tierra Ulrich and partner (Grade 8 mixed doubles), Josie Kneller (Grade 9 girls singles), Boston Slemp and Ethan Boger (Grade 9 boys doubles), Kennedy Bagshaw and Ashley Renschler (Grade 9 girls doubles), and Taylor Rowland and Partner (Grade 9 mixed doubles).

The Theresetta first place finishers were: Thayer Bunbury (Grade 7 boys singles), Grace Roland (Grade 7 girls singles), Kiali Blumhagen and Nola Fuller (Grade 7 girls doubles), Curtis Penner (Grade 8 boys singles), Gracie Bagshaw and Parker Slemp (Grade 8 girls doubles), Sydney Renschler (Grade 9 girls singles), and Abbigale Fuller and Alyssa Kuefler (Grade 9 girls doubles.

by K. Smawley

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