Their war, our legacy

Dear Editor,

I am a member of The War Amps Operation Legacy, which consists of young members of the Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program who are dedicated to preserving and commemorating Canada’s military heritage by teaching younger generations about our nation’s wartime history.
This year, The War Amps is celebrating its 95th anniversary. Ninety-five years ago, war amputee veterans returned from the First World War and formed The Amputations Association of The Great War. The organization later became The War Amputations of Canada at the beginning of the Second World War.
As a member of Operation Legacy, I have a duty to give back to those who started the organization. I have had the privilege to learn about Canada’s military heritage and also know what it is like to live without a limb – a strong bond that I share with war amputee veterans.
I have been involved with Operation Legacy for a couple years, and I believe that the message of “It was their war; it is our legacy” is an important one to share with all young Canadians. This message helps to let young Canadians know what has happened in the past and hopefully prevent events like such from happening in the future. Operation Legacy is also a way of letting young Champs and their families build a bridge, so to speak, with veterans and the past of Canada. Being involved in Operation Legacy, I have had the opportunity to donate many documentaries to the Calgary Public Library and the Military Museums of Calgary library. I have handed out bookmarks and stickers to children at my old elementary school and have done a few presentations. The Military Heritage Series has allowed me to understand the history, struggles, defeats and victories that many Canadians had to go through in the name of peace and so that Canada and many other countries could have freedom.
I encourage all of you to learn more about Canada’s history by means of The War Amps Military Heritage Series documentaries, which can be ordered through The War Amps website at

Jovanna Rodney
Operation Legacy Member, Calgary

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