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I want to make one thing clear about the subject of this column. I am not a military strategist but I have been around a long time and feel I have developed a certain amount of common sense.

I think the way the leaders of the western world are responding to the crisis being perpetrated by ISIS atrocities are just going to continue.

There does seem to be a lack of common sense in their response.

Some weeks ago ISIS brought a Russian plane down by someone planting a bomb on board. On Fri. Nov. 13 ISIS terrorists attacked six entertainment sites almost simultaneously in the centre of Paris, France that resulted in about 130 people killed and 350  injured.


Leaving the fight now looks suspect

ISIS suicide bombers have also succeeded in killing and injuring dozens perhaps hundreds more civilians in Beirut and Iraq.

Within the past few weeks there have been many more civilian casualties caused by ISIS than the Canadian army suffered from six years of military action in Afghanistan.

We have a new prime minister who made a number of promises relating to this matter. It appears that he is going to keep those promises come hell or high water regardless of the fact that the situation my have changed some what.

He has stated he will end the bombing mission and increase the training mission.

Pulling the planes out will not likely make a great deal of difference as there are a number of other countries that will continue the bombing mission.

However the mere optics of leaving now that ISIS seems to be increasing their  terror campaign  looks suspect.

He has indicated that he will increase the mission to train fighters over there.

Yet so far, with possibly one exception the training in the last 10 years has not been very successful.
On a least two occasions Iraq troops that were trained by the US army turned tail and ran when confronted by ISIS fighters leaving the US equipment they were supplied with to the ISIS fighters to use against the Iraq army.

Canada under the Harper government sent 69 soldiers over to train Kurdish fighters. That seems to be working as the Kurds are committed to defeating ISIS.

It would appear that the people in Iraq do not really have their heart in fighting ISIS the way the Kurds are, so I think training these people is waist of time and money.

It would appear that Trudeau does not want Canada to be directly involved in killing ISIS fighters.

That’s not peace keeping!

In my opinion the west will never get rid of the ISIS menace with its present strategy of bombing and training soldiers from Iraq and the surrounding area.

With the exception of the Kurds these people do not seem to be committed to the elimination of this menace.

Obama, Merkel and a number of other western leaders seem to be willing to put up with almost anything except putting boots on the ground to eliminate  this scourge including putting up with hundreds of thousands of migrants and refuges just walking into their countries.

As long as ISIS exits this migration will continue.

The US does not have this problem as  the refugees cannot easily get across the Atlantic  Ocean.

The US with 10 times the population of Canada is only prepared to accept 40 per cent as many of the refugees.

Common sense tells me there is only one way to exterminate the Islamic State and that is to put a very large army with the right equipment into Iraq and Syria.

The NATO countries could very easily do that if they had the political will. It seems that these countries would rather suffer civilian casualties than military casualties.

That sure doesn’t make much sense to me.

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