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Dear Editor,

re: Letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen/ECA Review

How much is covered up and what is leadership coming to in Canada?

There appears to be the fact that our national leadership of the country is continually bringing this nation to a leadership disgrace.

We are experiencing an ever-increasing void when it comes to natural acceptable, reflex use of proper ethics by Liberal leadership.

It was not always like this in Canada.

Unethical actions of our Prime Minister and Finance Minister have reached the point where their lack of personal ethics is being supported by the Liberal cabinet as well.

The actions beg the question. Is the unethical behaviour of the upper echelons of the Liberal Government systemic? The answer to our question is being answered repeatedly, affirmative.

On numerous occasions the Prime Minister has been acting unethically and has relied on automatic forgiveness by his colleagues and the Canadian society, or he will simply apologize when his actions are caught or exposed, then carry on as if nothing has happened.

It looks like, to many Canadians, that their unethical behaviour of leadership, is fast approaching that of criminal behaviour.

W. Douglas Fawcett
Consort, Alta.

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