The search continues…

Dear Editor,

I’ve been searching for someone for whom I could vote: someone with integrity and practical wisdom, someone who will push for the turnaround that is so sorely needed in our province and country.

It appears neither integrity nor wisdom can be found in the Federal Conservatives as Andrew Scheer hasn’t yet received the results of his party’s polls and focus groups so he can tell us what he hopes we want to hear.

Provincially, Jason Kenney’s remake of the old Conservative Party is mired in nomination shenanigans leaving neophyte candidates fully dependent on the ‘wisdom’ of Jason Kenney.

Neither integrity nor even common sense here, in my opinion!

Therefore, to my list of requirements for a representative, I would like to add courage.

Webster defines courage as “mental or moral strength enabling one to venture, persevere, and withstand fear or difficulty firmly and resolutely”.

A representative with courage will have the tenacity to use the practical wisdom built from years of experience and observation to determine the best way out of the current mess in our province.

We need someone willing to stand alone and speak the truth when others want to ‘cross the floor’ to follow the latest fad.

We need someone with the courage to tell the government when it needs to ‘butt out’ and let people innovate and find solutions to current problems.

That representative may also need the courage to be independent – “not controlled or bound by a particular party” (Webster) to step out from political games so that constituents can be truly represented.

When political parties have abandoned their grassroots, there is no hope that they can be reformed from the inside.

The party becomes a one-man show of “yes-men” vying for their own bit part, with the big show directed and produced by party insiders – while democracy and integrity have left the building.

Integrity, wisdom, courage . . . we’re waiting for a qualified representative.


Pat Holloway

Castor, Ab.

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