The real inconvenient truth

A failed bid for president, and his “Inconvenient Truth”
No more peddling tobacco, this can still sell to the youth!
A persistent lie told many times can eventually gather steam
But the phrase, “Renewable Energy”, is anything but green

Kids mine the Earth for cobalt, and lithium poisons the water
While Eagles brave the turbine blades like lambs before the slaughter
The Science of Thermodynamics… really should apply some
But no proofs placate the inmates, in charge of the asylum

Now Climate Cult alarmists yell, so certain they are right
“Jump off, the ship is sinking!”, though not one life boat in sight
All suffer the consequences, and fight on nail and tooth
And my heart cries as the Eagle dies, that’s the real “Inconvenient Truth”.

Lee Hudson, County of Paintearth/Calgary

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