The Owl Party

Dear Editor,

I’ve decided to create the Owl Party, a political party that doesn’t “give a hoot” about almost anything. 

We want people in our party who are selfish and inconsiderate about the health, security and well being of other people.

Our political and spiritual leaders are Donald the Duck in America and Maxime Bernier in Canada. They are our role models because we value/worship narcissistic behaviour and society should pay for our self-interests. 

Our mascot/symbol is the  “Cry Baby” because we are “whiners”. We whine when we don’t get our way. We believe we are “entitled” to do whatever we want, regardless of the consequences to society, and we definitely don’t want to be held accountable for our actions.

For instance, if we become ill from COVID-19 or from the flu, we don’t want to pay for our own foolishness. 

If people have to wait for their surgeries because of us taking up valuable spaces in ICUs, we just don’t care. 

It’s all about ME.


George Thatcher

Three Hills, Alta.

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