The little Village will be all lit up

Diane Dammann
ECA Review Submitted

The Heritage tree got trimmed this week.  The Golden Willow that leans out over the street was becoming a bit of a safety hazard so it was trimmed back with the hopes that it will regenerate new growth in the opposite direction.
The November Market on November 21 will be the Christmas  market with special draws, extra vendors and a festive atmosphere.  There will also be a market the third Wednesday in December in keeping with the regular schedule.
Muriel Fankhanel spent last weekend in Edmonton at the opera.  
I had a call  from Frona Sparks this week.  She and daughter Marlaine have been visiting many branches of the family and had a family reunion.  They will be in Alberta in November and they hope to see many old friends.

The Czar Quilt show was on this weekend at Czar.  A number of women from our area belong to the guild of artists in fabric.  I understand that a memorial service for Dotty Miller was held as part of the weekend.
There were 391 visitors who signed the guest book at the museum this season.  They came from all over to see the new doll section.  The museum has now finished with the regular hours until next April however the members will be active with the Parade of Lights on Santa Daze and the big bonfire with smokies and hot chocolate.  This is the time of year that the museum does the major fund raising by soliciting donations from local businesses.
The ACDC, Alliance Community Development Committee sponsors a contest for the best decorated home in the Village.  
Between the Parade of Lights and the house decorations, the little Village will be all lite up.
At the crib night on Wednesday, Bob Kuefler took top prize, Peter Dammann was second and Mary Wold had the third highest total score of all games.  Six games were played by each player and the score of each game is added together to come up with the winners. Next crib night is the second Wednesday in November.
I attended the meeting of the board of Hardisty Lake United Church Camp in Sedgewick on Wednesday evening.  Dates for the next camping season were discussed.  This year the camps at Bar Harbour and Hardisty will work together to hire staff who will be able to work at both camps making it seven weeks of employment in the summer which we hope will be more attractive to college students.
The annual Seed Plant meeting and dinner will be held on Saturday in the hall.  There will be vendor tables as there was last year.
Congratulations to Judi Solonick upon winning the Volunteer of the Year Award for the County and to Curtis Miller for winning the Outstanding Youth Award.
November 11 falls on a Sunday this year so there will be no service in the United Church in Alliance.  It is hoped that congregation members will go to the service in the Community Hall.  Roger Spady is doing part of the service.
Happy Hallowe’en everyone.

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