‘The greatest gift’

Tim Tamishiro (right) was thrilled to hear stories of his late mother, Beverly Parks, from one of her childhood friends, Margaret Bossert following his performance in Coronation. Bossert regaled some stories she remembered of Beverly who was a neighbour when they were growing up. ECA Review/J. Webster

Tim Tamishiro, a Canadian Jazz singer, gifted the Coronation crowd with songs and stories from “The Rat Pack”, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, at the Royal Performing Arts supper and performance in Coronation on Fri. Feb. 21 while Coronation residents, in particular, Margaret Bossert gave Tomishiro a great ‘it’s a small world’ surprise.

In Tamishiro’s, words, “This has been the greatest gift!”

Tim Tamishiro entertains with a show called ‘When Your Smiling’ featuring stories and songs from ‘the Rat Pack’ Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin at Coronation Royal Performing Arts in Coronation Fri. Feb. 21. ECA Review/J. Webster

Tamishiro was referring to the fact that he was able to visit with a long-ago friend of his mother’s, Margaret Bossert.

His mother, Beverly Parks and Margaret were friends long ago. They grew up close together south of Coronation on the shores of the then Hamilton Lake and spent time as teenagers together on their trips to Coronation before his mother met and married a fellow from Bashaw.

The house is still standing where Beverly grew up in and the land is now owned by Dwayne and Terry Glasier.

Tamishiro was singing and was the weekend host of the CBC radio show with Tommy Banks called ‘Tonic’ for 35 years before striking out on his own.

He developed the “Rat Pack” show last year. Tamishiro was accompanied by a piano player, bass (a bass built in Germany back in the 1700’s) and drums.





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