The Great Escape: Two ‘jailbirds’ evade Hanna police

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A rare undated photo of the pair terrorizing the community of Hanna. ECA Review/Submitted

Two daring and wily turkeys that have been evading law enforcement for some time have again made their great escape.

The pair of jailbirds had made their debut escape from an unknown facility last year and have been on the run ever since.

Witnesses reported sightings of the duo in the northwest area of Hanna but the cunning pair was always one step ahead of law enforcement.

Residents have been torn on the subject of the escapees.  Some praised the feathered fiends as being modern-day heroes while others smacked their lips and made innuendos to Thanksgiving.

A specialist in the apprehension of fowl creatures was brought in and the madness finally came to an end on March 23.

The specialist, using complex and mind-bending techniques, was able to re-capture the pair.  Something law enforcement has failed at doing for almost a year.

The pair were remanded into custody.

However, while being moved to a maximum security facility, one that specializes in holding the cunning likes of these two, the pair made another daring escape by breaking out of the stock trailer they were being transported in.

The pair has not been seen since.  However, sources within law enforcement doubt this will be the last of them.


Sgt Trent Sperlie, Hanna Detachment

Levi Neufeld, Fish and Wildlife District Officer, Hanna 



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