The great deception

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This column will be somewhat of a followup from my last column as I really want the readers to understand that this climate change issue we hear about every day is not really about climate change.

It is a means to an end that I will try to explain in some detail later in this column.

In last week’s column, ‘Unreliable in winter’, pg. 4, Jan. 23, 2020, I wrote about the total impracticality of electric cars.

If you really analyze this idea of clean energy you will find that it is really a smokescreen.

For example, we are told how wonderful wind generators are for producing electricity that is free of C02 emissions.

If you analyze every stage necessary for producing the generator and installing the generator you will find that more C02 emissions have been produced for its production than the generator will save in its’ lifetime.

I have read two studies on what is involved in the manufacturing and installation of wind generators.

It takes energy to mine the material used in their construction. It takes energy to manufacture all the components that go into the generator.

There is transportation involved in the various stages of putting these things together; transporting it to the construction site, transporting and producing the concrete base for installation, et cetera, that produces C02 emissions.

So when all this is considered, you can see that their energy is no cleaner than any other form of energy.

I think that there would be similar issues with solar farms and electric cars.

When you factor in the energy for manufacturing and operation I really don’t think you have gained much.

We are told time after time that we have a climate crisis.

From the science that I have been able to get a hold of ‘Abrupt Earth Changes’ by Sacha Dobler, the crisis we really have is not the actual climate, it is the media, environmentalist and the political class creating an environment to convince us that we have a climate crisis.

Billions of dollars are being literally wasted to convince the world public that the world is going to burn up unless we quit using carbon fuels as our energy source.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we went back a few hundred years before mankind [people kind] started using coal as an energy source?

Take a look around your house and try to identify anything in it that does not exist due to the use of gas, oil or coal.

I could list a hundred things from plastic of one kind or another to the processing of your food but I think you get the idea.

As I believe I alluded to you previously, what is going on is not really about the climate, it is a conspiracy to change the way people are governed and controlled around the world.

Bureaucrats in the United Nations want to destroy capitalism and democratic forms of government.

They want a one-world government.

They are creating a manufactured climate crisis to control people around the world before people figure out that this climate issue is nothing but a fraudulent conspiracy to suck people into their real agenda.

You just know that this is not about climate change when they shut down debate every time they are challenged, by accusing the challengers of being climate change deniers.

They shut down debate because if the general public were to learn the truth about what really is the cause of climate change, they would no longer have the leverage to exercise control over the general public.

The real cause of climate change is solar activity and cosmic rays.

I don’t know what it will take to change the channel on this issue when the media have been deliberately lying to us about this for years and are continuing to do it.


by Herman Schwenk

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