The gifts of Christmas

I was watching the news the other day when they said they would be doing a segment on the toys of the past. I thought this would be interesting as they made it sound like they were talking about toys in the days of the pioneer.

The woman started off saying that in the old days you used an actual stocking not these big red furry ones we buy now, then she went on to say that if you were good you would find a Christmas orange in the toe of it and a handful of nuts and maybe a small toy with the candy cane sticking out the top.

This was not pioneer days. It couldn’t be because that describes the Christmas stockings of my childhood.

I remember picking out my longest stocking to use and hoping to get the long piece of ribbon candy.

Emptying the stockings would keep us busy while Mom got her morning coffee ready then we could open the big gifts.

That news segment got me thinking of other gifts of the past. I was about nine years old when I got a Cinderella doll complete with gold carriage. The doll was about two feet high with a beautiful blue frilly gown on.

I wish now that I had not played with it so much as it would be worth a lot on eBay now.

When I think of it now I wonder how my parents had been able to get me what would have been an expensive gift for those times.

There was a white sweater that I got as a teenager that was very special to me. It was incredibly soft, with a high turtleneck and so white that it sparkled. I thought it was beautiful and I felt so grown up and classy when I wore it.

My husband had me very confused one Christmas. I unwrapped this gift box stuck my hands in and pulled out a fluffy white teddy bear.  I must have sent him a “really?” look because he quickly told me to look in the red velvet bag the teddy bear was holding. I did and pulled out a ruby necklace.

That was much better.

I still have both the teddy bear and the necklace.

Then, of course, there was the gold earrings my sisters got for me the year my husband passed away. I still get emotional when I think of that Christmas.

The year my daughter and I got baptised, I hunted for a long time for the perfect gift for her and finally found a small gold cross necklace and mailed it to her.

We had a good laugh that Christmas because when I opened my gift from her I found the very same necklace. Her first thought was that we could have saved the shipping cost if we had known.

I don’t know yet what is under the tree for me this year but I know that my nephew has been on a mission to find me the perfect puppy and he will be bringing it to me before Christmas. I don’t think there will be anything that could top that.

We talk a lot about all the gifts we get or give and I hope that we never forget the reason for the gifts. I hope we remember that these gifts are to remember and celebrate the greatest gift of all.

“For to you is born this day in the town of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

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