The conspiracy of fake news

We have heard a lot lately on TV and other news outlets about Donald Trump’s accusations of the mainstream media reporting fake news. Every time they report or accuse him of something that he takes exception to he accuses them of reporting fake news.
I think Trump’s biggest problem is his thin skin. Personally I think he is the author of much of his misfortune with the media.
Having said that there is no doubt in my mind that the mainstream media does concoct fake news on purpose as I will try to demonstrate in this column.
They have developed the art of reporting fake news to a fine science when it comes to the subject of climate science and related topics.
The David Suzuki’s and Al Gore’s of this world would have us believe that the world is on the verge of catastrophic climate change due to an increase in human caused C02 emissions.
Governments all over the world have made drastic policy changes to support large renewable energy projects with “subsidies’’, as these projects cannot compete with energy derived from fossil fuel.
They are also implementing a tax on the carbon that is produced from these sources. These policies have caused many governments to rack up huge financial deficits.
All of this is happening to satisfy the agendas of left wing environmentalists. It is part of a conspiracy to destroy capitalism.
As a scientist that I read about observed, capitalism is the only economic system that has worked for the past 200 years.
I have read three books this winter on the issue of climate change. Each of these books has gone into great detail to explain research by eminent climatologists and geological scientists.
These scientists have spent a lifetime studying climate changes and its relationship to C02 over billions of years.
They have all come to the conclusion, in fact can prove that C02 never has and does not now have any influence on climate change.
This information is and has been available for many years. So why has the public not been made aware of it?
We are not aware of it because since day one the mainstream media have been complicit on the issue of climate change.
Given this information, you cannot convince me that the media are well aware that C02 does not cause climate change. They have had access to the same info that I have.
The media have been deliberately feeding us “Fake News” for many years. It is something all of the major media organizations have been a part of.
There seems to be a conspiracy to defraud the public among all of them.  I don’t know what it will take to convince them to come clean on the truth about climate change.
There are other related issues where the media refuse to report an unbiased position. For example, they are more than willing to report demonstrations of people, especially indigenous people   opposed to the construction of pipelines.
Reporting on the demonstration is fine, but why don’t they also report on the positive aspects of a pipeline, such as the fact that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil or that a pipeline would provide much needed economic benefit for the aboriginal community.
The media seem to think that they are doing society a favour by only reporting the negative side of an issue.
In 2009, someone leaked thousands of emails from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC]. Those emails proved that the IPCC were deliberately falsifying the science on the effect of C02 on climate change.
They knew C02 did not affect the climate when their models proved to be wrong.
So far they have been able to cover up this deception with the assistance of the media successfully reporting the lie with “fake news”.

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